A-Day 2016

We are excited about coming together once again this upcoming A-Day for fun and fellowship together with family members, friends and brothers everywhere. This year, A-Day falls on the weekend of April 15. From Friday-Sunday, we have coordinated events to make this A-Day memorable.

  • Beginning with Friday we have our bond tightening Event @Roxy's Bar Downtown from 8-10 pm. This is goin to kick off the weekend with bruhs once again re-uniting.
  • After Roxy's there is a private party that is hosted by DBanks (Spring 14' deuce).
  • After a night of kicking it, Saturday morning (A-Day) when most chapter members should be in town, we are meeting up and coming together for PTC at the Ferg Center Room 3111.
  • Immediately after, bruhs will head to campus for the Legendary tailgate. At the tailgate, Undergrad will have brand new cut and wrapped (white and red) HX canes for 25$ for those bruhs who may be lacking one. Let us know ahead of time so we can make sure we have enough.
  • After the tailgate everyone will go home and rest up before going out once more for the undergrad after party (location TBA).

With food, drinks, HXNupes, kicking it and football; this is an A-Day you don't want to miss.

With that being said, there is a lot expenses that go in to planning this weekend. As we all are HX brothers alike and want to make sure no brother or his family/friends are ever in need, we would be extremely grateful if everyone pitched in and made contributions to make this weekend even better. You can donate at the bottom of the page.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you can contact Vice Pole, the Polemarch, or advisor of undergrad (info listed below). Have a blessed day bruhs and lets get ready for this major weekend of kicking it HX style!